By day, I'm an e-commerce copywriter and web production assistant in the fashion industry. By night, I'm a freelance editor and proofreader. But you probably already (safely) assumed that...

I'm always willing and open to work on new and exciting projects to continue opening doors. It doesn't matter if you have a manuscript, a website, a newsletter, or a blog; whatever you need to have proofed and edited, I would love to polish it for you. I enjoy piecing words to other words to form wonderfully-crafted sentences that make a lasting impression. I look at grammar like one would look at a Sudoku puzzle. I love discovering writers' voices as much as I love to read between the lines for symbolism and other literary devices. Think of me as the missing link you need from just having a book to having a book with character, flow, and perfect grammar.

I've always had a passion for English and adventure, and that's precisely why I love to read. (I give reading recommendations for free. Wink.)

After graduating from Salisbury University with a degree in English and a focus in Secondary Education, I got a passport, packed my bags, and moved halfway around the world to teach and live in Thailand. How's that for a curveball?

Great things happen outside of your comfort zone. Great things are also born from vulnerability. Living in Southeast Asia for seven months forced to me cut myself open and see what was inside. What could I handle? What could I discover? Answer: A TON. And most importantly, teaching wasn't my calling. I returned to the US where I decided to start from scratch and utilize my passions for writing, reading, and grammar more deeply to become a freelance proofreader/editor. With two published books under my belt and a third on the way, I'd say I'm on the right track.

If you aren't team Oxford comma, please swipe left.