"Diana’s exceptionally great to work with. Her attention to detail is impressive, her corrections are thoughtful, and her working style is incredibly transparent."

- Monika Kanokova, Author of This Year Will Be DifferentMy Creative (Side) Business, & Work Trips and Road Trips



"Diana provided flawless editing for all content we utilize and assisted with content development for virtually all marketing materials. Working under a tight deadline, she was professional, responsive, and detail-oriented." 

- Robert Link, Senior Financial Advisor at Quillion Wealth Management

Imagine someone visiting your website...

They click, they begin to read, and they see a typo. Their eyebrows furrow, maybe even give a tilt to the head. It may seem minuscule, perhaps a bit "nit-picky," but it simply doesn't look professional. Mistakes won't give you credibility and mistakes won't earn you trust. Mistakes won't help you or your business.

You've worked hard to get to where you're at. You care about what you do. Don't let preventable mistakes hinder your success.

The last thing anyone wants after dedicating so much time and effort to a project are misspelled words, confused sentences, abused commas, and misplaced semicolons. There's a reason why teachers would tell you to proofread your work and read it backwards before you had to turn it in. When it comes to your business, your book, or your post, the same rules apply. It matters.

...I can help...

I'm not a regular editor; I'm a cool editor. I enjoy toying with the written word so it makes an impact. It leaves a feeling. It draws attention. 

Words are powerful and each one of them counts. You must chose them wisely. It's important to me that I help you deliver your work in a way that will give you pride and confidence.

Have confidence in what you share with the world knowing it's the best possible result.

...because everyone could use a grammar geek.