Adjust to Readjust Part 2


Easier said than done, Atty, but I'm doing it anyway...

I've been learning for the past few years that your mid to late 20s have a lot to do with adjusting, readjusting, then adjusting some more. "Figuring it out," if you will. I even remember writing about this in my travel blog when I was living and working in Thailand. Or maybe I'm thinking of my entry on this blog entitled "Adjust to Readjust" two posts ago? HM.

Side note: I really need to consistently post on here more, not wait months and years in between each entry. I'll work on that...

Anyway, here I am, still bloody adjusting and readjusting, still figuring it out as I go. (Does anyone reallyyyy know what they're doing anyway? C'mon.)

What am I blabbing about? A few things. A few pretty big things, actually. I've decided to put my time at South Moon Under behind me and move to the city I've been falling in love with: Lancaster. Tomorrow is my last day at work, and next week I make the move with pure faith the rest will fall into place...but, ya know, also with a heavy amount of good ole fashioned hustle because #letsberealiain'tnodreamer.

Working as a copywriter and web production assistant at SMU for the past two years has been an experience I'll always be grateful for. The friends I've made, the fashion industry I've had a chance to see in action, the skills I've gained and the lessons I've's all relevant. That, and having three published books as editor (shameless plug: buy a copy or leave a review on Amazon for support!) gives me the confidence I need to remind myself that I got this. So now, it's time to change things up, start a new chapter somewhere fresh, and selfishly focus on what I want to focus on, apply what I'm good at and love, and as always, learn. Learn, learn, learn.

Am I excited? Absolutely. *Insert the fact Jake and I will go from a two hour drive to a 10 minute walk here.* !!!!

Am I nervous that I'll be unemployed in less than 24 hours? Uh, yeah. As my best friend perfectly said, I'd be an idiot if I wasn't.

Am I anxious to see what I'm capable of? That's kinda the whole point.

Do I sometimes doubt myself and my skills, questioning if I will indeed "make it work"? MHHM.

Am I worried about what people will think/if they approve/if they dare scoff and judge? Duh. I just constantly remind and assure myself the only opinion that matters is mine and mine alone.

Nevertheless, qualms and questions in tow, this adjustment is what I want.  Trust me, I've given the entire walking-away-from-my-job-with-benefits-and-moving-to-a-new-state-with-no-job-despite-all-my-efforts thing some serious thought. Call me crazy, and maybe it is, but it's just where I'm at right now.

Phases in your life come and go (hence the word itself), and you learn from each and every one of them, just as much as you'll learn from the next. Change will always happen. Vulnerability will crucially happen. Growth will naturally happen. And I'm ready for all of it. I crave it, really. Although there's a bit of uncertainty ahead, I have more than enough certainty that all of this is the right path for my future, both on a personal and professional level.

So get in the Bronco, little one. Life's about to take me on another ride, and - pardon me while I quote Phish - don't ask me 'cause I don't know, I just fasten my seatbelt wherever I go.

But, uh, maybe cross your fingers for me.

- D

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