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Marketing Copywriter for Fox Chapel Publishing

January 2019

Nothing like starting the year off fresh with a fresh new job. I found out the Friday before Christmas break that I landed my dream role - working for a book publishing company. Merry. Freaking. Christmas. I began my new role in early January, and I’m currently responsible for a lot of really cool things my inner book nerd geeks out about, like writing the back cover copy for all of our published books. I also write descriptions (our website, Barnes & Noble!, etc.), emails, marketing campaigns (hi, Book Riot and Publishers Weekly), sell sheets, ads, you name it. Plus, I get to dip my toes slightly into PR, as I find and contact tons of potential endorsers to include their reviews with my back cover book copy. Lots of fun stuff going on over here and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be here. You know you’re where you’re meant to be when you always wake up and go home happy; there’s nothing better than that.

Managing Editor of The Letter by Lauren Taylor

October 2018


Book #4

I met Lauren through Instagram (so 2018 of us) and discovered she was teaching one-on-one classes to help women realize their dreams. That said, she’s the driving force that got me to create and start Together-ish. After really hitting it off, she asked if I’d be interested in proofreading and editing all of the contributed articles that would be featured in her final edition of The Letter, and I was ecstatic. Its message is uplifting, the women are inspiring, and the imagery is stunning. I’m so glad I was able to have a role in the creation of such a motivational piece of work!

September 2018

Always an editor, finally a writer.


My first magazine article!

Contributing Writer

“The Freedom to Figure it Out”

- The Liberation Issue of Prime 52 Magazine

A special thank you to Editor-in-Chief, Isis Nezbeth, for giving me the opportunity to have this amazing “first” finally happen!

Content Writer for Primitives by Kathy

September 2017 - January 2019

Five days after moving to Lancaster, PA with no job - not even an interview - lined up, stressing over how I was going to pay for the apartment I just moved into, I landed on this opportunity! I wrote all of the product descriptions both for our website, and the websites of our key account partners (Bed, Bath & Beyond, Nordstrom, Hautelook, Hallmark, etc.). I also wrote website landing page content using SEO keywords. For all print and digital catalogs that are published throughout the year, I wrote section opener and marketing copy, while also proofreading the entire project multiple times (sometimes up to 800 pages) which was honestly my favorite part of the job. Because I like to nitpick. Plus, nothing beats holding a finished product in your hands (am I right?). I also took on the task of writing B2B-focused blog posts, and have appreciated everything I’ve learned while in this role.

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Creator of Together-ish

Launched April 2018


Pull up a chair and get in here.

I started Together-ish because no one has it all together, despite what we all might think. In a society that's being torn apart, I wanted to find a way for women to bring it in and share a story so we can relate to each other and support one another. This is a place to share laughs or a shoulder to feel more connected, more human, and less alone. The writers are the readers and the readers are the writers, so all are welcome. Come just as you are, flawed and imperfectly perfect.

Seriously, have you read my posts yet?

Proofreader and Editor for Work Trips and Road Trips by Monika Kanokova

Published June 2017

Book #3

The dream team is back for the third installment of the #smartcreatives freelancer series! Currently available on Amazon, this book is geared for established freelancers who often wonder what's next. Jam packed with helpful advice on topics like mindfulness, success, travel, and money, and filled with inspiring interviews of women living location-independently, this book is the push a lot of people need!

Proofreader and Editor for My Creative (Side) Business by Monika Kanokova

Published March 2016


Book #2

One year later and here we are with Monika's second book; a continuation of the first entitled My Creative (Side) Business. The first book was written to motivate. This book was written to inform on how to really make it happen. MCSB's framework is exactly like the first, chock full of articles and interviews of women around the world who turned a creative hobby (i.e. a side project) into a monetary business. Because what's better than taking something you love and enjoy doing and strategizing a way to turn it into your career?

Personally, I've learned an incredible amount since working with Monika as her editor. While working on this book, I had a full-time job copywriting, so editing the book was my real-life side project. The irony of it all was too real.

Copywriter & E-Commerce Web Production Assistant for South Moon Under

September 2015 - August 2017

South Moon Under is a shabby chic clothing store that started in Ocean City, Maryland in 1975. It has since grown with stores now up and down the east coast. A few years ago, they expanded into e-commerce. As their web production assistant and copywriter, I was responsible for writing all of the product descriptions (i.e. playing with samples at my desk), as well as helping manage and run the website. From uploading copy and images to categorizing items, from merchandising pages to building emails, I learned a ton about running an e-commerce website and the fashion industry itself.

Editor & Staff Writer for Beach to Bay Times Magazine

June 2015 - December 2015


In the summer of 2015, I was given the chance to get my foot in the door within the publishing/magazine industry. While in this collaboration alongside Grace, Sheri, and a community of freelance writers, photographers, designers, and other gurus, I learned a lot about the publishing industry and will take this experience in stride as I keep moving forward in my writing and editing career.

Click HERE to see our debut July/August issue!

Click HERE to see our Fashion & Foodie Fall issue - Sept/Oct 2015

((Read every issue of Beach to Bay Times via Issuu.))

Associate Editor for Digital Strategist and Marketing Consultant - Luna Vega

Spring & Summer 2015



I was introduced to Luna through Monika Kanokova; she was one of the 23 women interviewed and featured in my first project This Year Will Be Different. Oh, the irony! She works as a digital strategist and marketing consultant within the ever-evolving fashion industry, striving to help brands reach a global audience. While she's busy traveling the world, taking names, and cashing checks, I assist her with the content presented on her website, newsletters, blogs, and more. It's been incredibly rewarding to work with Luna, as I'm learning so much about a niche I previously knew nothing about. Establishing a healthy, long-term working relationship with someone who can teach you new skills while you hone in and improve on your own is something special. Luna is an exceptional businesswoman, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to learn and grow along her side...from however many miles away, that is.

Proofreader and Editor for This Year Will Be Different by Monika Kanokova

January 2015

Book #1

I had the privilege of working and collaborating with a small, international team of extremely talented women to create and publish the book, This Year Will Be Different. This book is an insightful guide for anyone who is looking to start a career in freelancing or open their own business, and was written by Monika Kanokova, a freelance content strategist and community builder. Looking for ways herself to start a career in freelance, she interviewed and gathered stories of 23 women around the world who successfully turned their hobbies into viable careers. As Monika's proofreader and copy-editor, I gained the experience I was craving to begin my career in copy-editing and began to network with inspiring artists and designers around the globe. The breath-taking illustrations were created by Ewelina Dymek and Diana Ovezea was our Fairy Godmother of an art director and type designer.

Travel and Leisure Blog Writer for I Guess That This Must Be the Place

Thailand's biggest lesson is one I always carry with me: get outside your comfort zone and see what's possible. Vulnerability makes magic.

Thailand was the game-changer. I was a recent college grad and well on my way to becoming a high school English teacher, then opted for something a little more adventurous.

Having never left the US before, I wanted to jump on the opportunity of going abroad before I had to "settle" into the traditional routine. Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Not that that's a bad thing, but I simply wasn't ready for it yet. I had to get out first, see some shit. Somewhere I'd never thought I'd go.

And so I went. For seven months, a close friend and I traveled across the globe and out of our comfort zones to live and work in Southeast Asia. We taught English in a Thai magnet school located in a far-eastern city, Ubon Ratchathani. We spent four months working inside, as well as outside, of the school as ESL teachers and private tutors. When our teaching semester was over, we spent our remaining time (and money) backpacking throughout Thailand and Vietnam. While I was abroad, I started a blog to update my family and friends back home of my whereabouts and overall well-being, but then it became more than just that. It was through this blog that I reflected as I wrote to discover my feelings to change my career path. 

Living in Thailand was the eye-opener of a lifetime, and looking back in retrospect, I'm thankful to have both written (moi) and visual documentation (a la Casey Condon). With Casey's stellar videos and photographs and my writing, I must admit, we made a pretty badass collaboration. Casey's photography is also featured throughout this website as well. See for yourself the lessons I learned, the times I had, and the adventure I'll never forget. I also make some awesome musical references as entry titles...if you're into that sort of thing.